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Ghetto Rules

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faq-1Internal inventory

For quick and convenient play on CSGetto, there is an internal inventory. Below is a list of some of the opportunities and features that it opens up for the player:

Internal inventory

Replenishment of Steam and WAX items;

Buying and selling items on the black market;

Ability to place quick bets in rooms, classic and beach zone ;

No restrictions on the volume and time of storage of items - for regular players;

No storage fee;

The possibility of exchanges between players directly on the site is included;< /p>

We reserve the right to exchange items for points if the player has not visited the site for two weeks, or in the event of forced measures and circumstances beyond our control.

To create exchanges, you must complete more than 7 days ago, Steam Guard mobile authentication and the absence of any blocks or restrictions on the Steam account.

The player is given exactly five minutes to confirm exchanges with Steam, on average, crediting items takes one minute.

Withdrawals are currently only possible individually, this is due to innovations from Valve.

In case of errors or problems with exchanges, the player receives items back or compensation in the form of points.

faq-2Betting information

The more you bet, the greater the chance of winning, but even with a minimal percentage of winning, you always have the opportunity to take the entire pot! There are several game modes on CSGetto, each of which has its own conditions and restrictions:

Betting information

  • Classic zone;
  • Rooms;
  • Beach zone
  • Double;
  • Betting on matches;
The first three modes differ in betting limits, round length and number of players.

During the game, items are valued in cents, and 1 cent = 1 ticket in the battle. The winning ticket is calculated during the drawing, details can be found here.

faq-3Fair play

Fair game

At the beginning of each round, the site csgetto.app generates a random long number between 0 and 1 (for example, 0.949051718690916267685893419884) and encrypts it using the SHA256 algorithm. You can read more about the algorithm here.

The encryption result is visible at the beginning round, you can copy it to check the integrity of the site.
At the end of the round, the service multiplies the previously encrypted number by the total amount of tickets, obtaining the winning ticket number.

Example: At the end of the round, the total deposit was $100 (10,000 tickets in the game), and the given number was 0.949051718690916267685893419884. The service multiplies the number 0.949051718690916267685893419884 by 10000 and gets the number 9491. This will be the number of the winning ticket, which will be shown at the time of the drawing.

The way fair play works is that we cannot know how many tickets there will be at the end of the round, and the random number for multiplication is set at the very beginning of the game.

That is why we have no opportunity to influence the results of the drawing, and it will take several million years to decrypt the hash and a supercomputer, which is significantly shorter than the duration of the round, and each bet in the battle can change the winning ticket.

You can also check the results on other sites: here, here or here.

In the history of each game at the bottom there is a button to check fair play, you can be convinced of the fairness of a particular battle and there is no concept of “twisting” with such a system for selecting a winner.

In the “Double” game, the hash is calculated from the number that we multiply by 15 and is shown at the beginning of the round.

faq-4What are points?

What are points?

Points - the internal currency of the site 1 point = 1 cent. They can be used for playing doubles or betting on matches, buying/selling items.

We have also provided for the exchange of points between players. You can add it to your partner’s balance right during the game.

There are several ways to get points every minute: buy a promotional code, replenish Qiwi wallet (0% commission), replenish Webmoney and a whole bunch of different methods here.

faq-5Black Market

Using the black market you can:

Black Market

  • Buy or sell items for points;
  • Exchange many cheap won items for one, but expensive one;
  • Receive an item without a trade ban in exchange for an item with a ban.

The cost of items may differ from the cost indicated on other sites and platforms, since we use our own algorithm. More information about pricing on CSGetto can be read in the "Cost of Items" section.

faq-6Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Affiliate (referral program) - a system of rewarding users who attract new players (referrals) to the project. For each attracted referral and his games, you will receive points.

A referral is considered a new participant in the project who came through an affiliate link. If the attracted player was previously authorized on the project, the referral program will not count him.

Everyone who becomes a referral receives 1 point instantly at the time of entering or withdrawing skins from the internal inventory of CSGetto.

For One person who registers using your link will receive points. You also receive up to 2% from referral bets in any of the games of our project.

Points can be used in our exchanger or place a bet on a CS:GO match.

Points are awarded after registration using your link, points are instantly credited to your balance.

faq-7Winnings and commissions

Receiving winnings

Winnings are credited immediately after the results are announced. You can do with your loot as you please!

Service commission

The service commission for regular players is up to 15%, for VIP players up to 10%.

The commission is not charged in several cases:
  • The winner has a 90% chance of winning;
  • There are no items in the game below the commission percentage;
  • There are too few items in the game.

The commission is taken automatically when the winner is determined.

  • When playing in a team, first all items are returned to the members of the winning team, then, without exception, the service commission is taken , and all other skins are credited to the winner.

faq-8Chat Rules

Chat Rules

Chat in the Ghetto is a place where gangsters communicate, share emotions and opinions, arrange showdowns and sort things out, unite in gangs, find friends and enemies. In the Ghetto there are well-mannered gangsters, so do daring bandits. Despite this, there are rules that everyone must follow so that there is no lawlessness and rowdy in the chat, but order and cleanliness reign.

In our Ghetto, moderators monitor the chat. Moderators are local activists, they warn and punish excessively rude, impudent or corrupt gangsters.

It is worth considering that the rules described below also apply to moderators, so any recorded violations of the rules by ordinary users and moderators can be sent to Ghetto administration< /a>. When contacting, it is advisable to provide a screenshot of the violation

The following are prohibited in the Ghetto chat

Gangsters who break the rules risk receiving a warning or ban for a period ranging from 5 minutes to a complete ban. A warning can be issued verbally or in the form of a five-minute block.

Moderators keep records of each violation for a period of 1 to 3 days. A blocked user can always find out the reason for his blocking and receive a recording in the form of a screenshot, as well as find out the contacts of the team. There is a rule among moderators: whoever issues a ban, removes it. No one can unban you except the one who blocked the chat.

The rules correspond to the highest standard of “Gangster Justice” and meet all the requirements of dark etiquette.

In chat the following is limited:

  • Invite to your gang no more than once every 5 minutes.
  • Throw off promotional codes that you purchased or generated from your points. You cannot post promotional codes in the chat that you received for free at a giveaway or saw in a group.
  • Invite to your stream only if it is displayed in the “Ghetto is currently streaming” block. You can’t post a link, but you can invite them to your stream. Those who are interested will find you on the streamers' blog.

You can send your questions and suggestions to support service.


What CS:GO skins are available for deposit?

We accept any items without a red mark on the internal inventory page of the site and recently released or souvenir items.

Cost of items on the black market

We form the price using our own algorithms and open data on the cost of items from Steam trading platform and reserve the right to adjust the cost of some items in accordance with our algorithms in order to avoid “inflated” prices for items.

  • If justified If the price for an item is incorrect, you can contact site administration.
  • The prices of skins on the site may differ from the prices on the trading platform Steam


Promotional codes and promotional code store

In promotional code store you can buy a promotional code for the required number of points.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with a promotional code that can be activated on the black market page.

Cost promo code is formed based on the cost of the coupon itself (1 point = 1 cent at the current rate) plus the payment service commission.

faq-11Rules for streamers

Rules for streamers

  • No links to third-party projects during the stream.
  • Elements of third-party projects should not be depicted on the stream (playing on them, tabs, etc.).



A Ghetto Gang is a group of players who have gathered into one team and play together, combining their bets against others.

When you play in a Gang, you get your items back , if one of your teammates wins. If you win, you give the items to your teammates, but take for yourself the items of those who played in another gang or were without a gang at all.

Join gangs and combine your chances of winning with others! If your teammate wins, you will always get your skins back!

Basic rules and principles of Gangs

  • Gangs are needed in order to significantly reduce the risk of losing skins in battles by teaming up with other gangsters.
  • Participation in gangs allows you and your friends to automatically return skins to each other after the end of the round. There is no need to transfer skins manually, everything happens automatically.
  • By playing in a gang, you upgrade its level and receive points to the gang bank. Leaders can then divide them up and spend them on purchasing items.
  • If you win while playing with gang members, you take the winnings without the team skins. Crew members automatically get their skins back. We do not take such skins as a commission.
  • If you lose, but a gang member wins, you only get your skins back, and the winnings go to the winner.
  • If you lose together with gang members , then you don’t get the skins back. The winnings are taken by a player who is a member of another gang or simply plays solo.
  • You can only be a member of one gang.
  • Team skins are not taken into the commission if one of you won

Joining, leaving and recruiting to a gang

  • By default, new gangs are open for joining. In the settings, you can close the recruitment and no one will be able to apply to the gang.
  • You can set an entry fee to the gang. In this case, if someone applies to join the gang, their entry points will be deducted. If you reject the application, the points will be returned to the candidate. If you accept him into the gang, his points will be transferred to the gang bank.
  • You can give new members a fine for leaving the gang earlier than 24 hours after joining. In this case, if a person voluntarily leaves the gang, his points will be written off and credited to the gang’s bank. If a person does not have points, then he will not be able to leave the gang. If the leader independently removes a gang member in less than 24 hours, the fine will not be written off.
  • To join another gang, go to its page and click the “Apply” button.
  • Applications for The introduction is visible to everyone, including those players who are not part of the gang. Only leaders can accept or reject an application.
  • A gang can have up to 20 gangsters if it is a level 0 gang. With each level up, the gang gets +1 slot.
  • If you are the creator of the gang and want to leave it, you need to transfer administrator rights to another gang member.
  • To delete a gang, you must kick everyone out gangs. After this, you will have a button for deleting a gang.

Bank and finance.

  • Gangs have a common bank.
  • The bank can be replenished any member of the gang.
  • Only the administrator and deputy can distribute money from the bank.
  • The bank receives points for moving the gang to a new level, as well as entry fees and fines.
  • If the gang is in the TOP 3 at the end of the day, points for victory are awarded to the bank.

Gang level.

  • The gang level is pumped up if there are at least 2 players in the battle.
  • For moving to a new level, the gang receives additional points to the bank. With each new level, the number of points that the gang receives increases.
  • For moving to a new level, the gang receives +1 additional slot for a new member.
  • Gang statistics are updated only if they participate in the battle as at least 2 group members. If you play alone, being in a gang, then your games are not taken into account in the gang statistics
  • In the game history, if you win, the percentage of the gang and the winner’s nickname are shown.
  • If you lose, the percentage of the gang is written and number of participants

Covers and logos.

  • You can upload your cover to the gang so that the gang page is unique and matches your own style. The minimum size is 848 by 340 pixels. If you upload a larger image, it will be cropped to the specified size. We recommend pre-processing the image in Photoshop or giving it to a designer.
  • You can upload your logo for the gang. The minimum logo size is 110 by 110 pixels. If you upload a logo larger than the specified size, it will be compressed automatically.



We do not store any data about users other than Steam login and exchange links. Your avatar and nickname on Steam are available to all users of the service.

Each time a player uploads skins to the internal inventory of CSGetto, the player agrees to the rules of use of the site.



1. Check if the phone is linked to Steam

2. You only need to confirm trades through the mobile application. If you confirm via email, such trades are frozen for 7 days and we cannot accept them.

3. If you have recently linked your phone, you need to wait until 7 days have passed from the moment you linked it and turned on Steam Guard through your phone. “Trade link error” notifications occur due to the fact that 7 days have not passed since the phone and application were linked.

4. If you recently reinstalled the application or did some manipulations with the phone, then the 7-day countdown starts anew.

5. If you have completed the previous steps, then check the trade link saved on the site with your current trade link on Steam.

6. All these conditions work both for input and output.

7. Check the privacy of your inventory - it should be open to everyone.

If you don’t understand, ask a question in support.


In the case of transferring items to the Ghetto inventory, receiving items may take up to 2 minutes.

In the case of withdrawing items to Steam or the WAX system, exchanges arrive immediately after they are confirmed.


Items are stored indefinitely and without commission. However, if you have not visited the site for two weeks or more, we reserve the right to exchange items for points. This measure is needed in order to relieve our bots of items that people forget about. If you know that you will not be visiting the site in the near future, then we strongly recommend withdrawing items.


We store your skins securely on a large, secure bot network, however we are subject to Steam policies and are not immune to account bans, just like regular users. And although there have been no problems previously, we do not recommend storing expensive skins for a long time.


It happens rarely, but if it does happen, we will quickly solve the problem. Write to technical support, provide the game/exchange number and a link to your profile, and don’t forget to attach screenshots. Don't drift, we always help our gangsters!


Write to technical support if you have not found the answer to your question .


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