We accept skins from all other STEAM games (CS: GO, DOTA2, TF2, H1Z1 etc) now!

FAQ / Rules

csgetto.app is a Internet service For fans of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Where everyone can Get cool skins for the game and also exchange their skins with the help of our exchanger.

Where to begin?

To start the game you need:You can participate in battles after buying items on our Black market or uploading them to CSGetto internal inventory from your Steam.

Internal inventory

For a quick and convenient game on CSGetto there is a internal inventory. The following is a list of some of the features and capabilities that it opens to the player:
  • Trades with Steam and WAX items;
  • Buying and selling items on the Black market;
  • Ability to make quick bets in Rooms, Classic and Easy zone;
  • There are no restrictions on the volume and time of storage of items - for loyal homies;
  • No storage fee;
  • The possibility of trades between players directly on the site is included;

We reserve the right to exchange items for points if the player hasnt visited the site within two weeks, or if there are forced measures and circumstances beyond our control.

To trading, you need more than 7 days ago mobile authentication of Steam Guard and the absence of any locks and restrictions on the Steam account.

The player is given exactly five minutes to confirm trade with Steam, on average, depositing items takes one minute.

Withdraw at the moment is possible only by the piece, this is due to innovations from Valve.

  • In case of errors or problems with trades, the player receives back items or points compensation;


The more you bet, the greater the chance of winning, but even with a minimum percentage of victory, you always have the opportunity to pick up the entire bank! There are several game modes on CSGetto, each of which has its own conditions and limitations:
  • Classic Zone;
  • Rooms;
  • Eazy zone
  • Double;
  • Matches;
The first three modes differ in betting limits, round duration and number of players.

During the game, items are priced in cents, and 1 cent = 1 ticket in the battle. The calculation of the winning ticket occurs during the drawing, details can be found here.


At the beginning of each round, the csgetto.app site generates a random long number from 0 to 1 (for example, 0.949051718690916267685893419884) and encrypts it via the SHA256 algorithm. More information about the algorithm can be read here.

The result of encryption is visible at the beginning of the round, you can copy it for future verification of the site's honesty. At the end of the round, the service multiplies the previously encrypted number by the total amount of tickets, getting the number of the winning ticket.

Example: At the end of the round, the total deposit was $ 100 (10,000 tickets in the game), and the specified number was 0.949051718690916267685893419884.The service multiplies the number 0.949051718690916267685893419884 by 10,000 and gets the number 9491. This will be the number of the winning ticket, which will be shown at the time of the raffle.

The principle of the fair play is that we don't know how many tickets is put in the end of the round, and the random number for multiplication is set at the very beginning of the game.

That is why we have no opportunity to change the results of the raffle and it will take several million years and a supercomputer for hash hacking, which is much more than the duration of the round. And every bet in the battle can change the winning ticket.

You can check the results on other sites: here, here or here.

In the history of each game there is a button for checking the fair game, you can see for yourself the honesty of a particular battle and there is no "rig" under such a winner selection system.

In Double game hash is counted from the number that we multiply by 15 and it is shown at the beginning of the round.


Points - the internal currency of the site, 1 point = 1 cent. Can be used for playing on double or matches betting, buying/selling items.

We also provided for the exchange of points between players. You can send points to the partner balance at the game moment.

There are several ways to get points at the moment: using Webmoney and other methods here.


Using the black market, you can:
  • Buy or sell items for points;
  • Exchange many cheap items for one, but expensive;
  • Get an item without a trade ban in exchange for an item with a ban.

The cost of items may differ from the cost indicated on other sites, since we use our own algorithm. For more information on pricing CSGetto, see the "Cost of Items" section.


Affiliate (referral program) is a system of rewarding users who invite new players (referrals) to our project. You will get points for each new referral and for his bets.

A referral is a new member of the project that came by your affiliate link. If referral has previously authorized the project - the referral program does not count it.

Every referral gets 1 point instantly when he deposit or withdraw or output skins from csgetto internal inventory.

For each registered referral you will get points. You will also get up to 2 percent of the referrals' bets in any games of the project.

Points can be used in our Black market or bet on a CS:GO match.

Points will be sent after the registration through your link instantly to your balance.

Getting winnings

Winning is credited immediately after the announcement of the results. You can manage your kush as you wish!


The service commission for main players is 0% - 15%, for VIP players 0% - 10%.

The commission is not charged in several cases:
  • The winner has a 90%+ chance of winning;
  • There are no items in the battle below the percentage of commission;
  • Too few items in the game.

The commission is taken automatically at the time of determining the winner.

  • When playing in a team, first all things are returned to the participants of the winning team, then, without exception, a service commission is taken, and all other skins are credited to the winner.

Chat Rules

Chat in the CSGetto is a place for gangsters\' communication, emotions and opinions exchanging, gangs joining, friends and enemies finding. You may find civilized gangsters as well as dirty gangsters in CSGetto. So, we have chat rules that everybody should respect for discipline.

In our ghetto, moderators participate in the monitoring of the chat. Moderators - local activists, they warn and punish excessively rude, insolent or corrupt bandits.

It should be noted that the rules described below also apply to moderators, so any registered violations of rules by casual users and moderators can be sent to CSGetto Administration with proving screenshot with a violation

Chat taboos:

  • Offend or threaten the bandits. In their presence or without, influential or new. Tricks and jokes may take place in CSGetto, so friendly punches don\'t count. But moderator may misunderstand your jokes and turn off the chat.
  • Invite to any sites, groups and pages not related to the CSGetto. If gangster was caught - he will be punished.
  • Forbidden to offer doubtful skins businesses, including skype or other messengers invites.
  • Raise the chaos in chat: flood, begging, free promotional codes distribution and capsing. The flood is recording more than 3 posts in a row. Begging is any request for refund / transfer of items, points, promotional codes, debts, etc.
  • Discuss of moderators\' actions: ban reasons and deadlines, fairness.You can express your disagreement in CSGetto support page, proving your words with screenshots.

Gangsters who break the rules may get a warning or ban from 5 minutes till permanent ban. A warning can be made verbally or by a 5 minute ban.

The moderators keep a record of each violation for 1 till 3 days. A blocked user can always find out the reason of his ban and get a screenshot. There is a unofficial moderators rule - only those who ban user can unban him. Nobody can unban you except those who blocked the chat.

The rules correspond to the highest standard of "Gangster justice" and meet all the requirements of ghetto etiquette.

Chat limits:

  • You may invite to your gang no more than once in 5 minutes.
  • You may send promotional codes that you bought or generated from your points (in your profile). You can not upload free promotional codes to chat.
  • You may invite to your stream only if you are in the "Now stream Getto." section. You can\'t send a link, but you can invite to your stream. Those who are interested in you can find you on a tagged blog.

You can send your questions and suggestions to support team.

Which skins does CS: GO accept?

We accept any items without a red mark on the page of the internal inventory of the service and recently released or souvenir.

Cost of Items

We set the price using our own algorithms and get data on the items price from Steam market and we reserve the right to adjust the value of certain items in accordance with our algorithms in order to avoid «fake» prices for items.

  • With a unreasonable price for an item, you can contact with administation.
  • The prices of items on the site may differ from the prices on the Steam market.


On the purchase page you can buy points or here buy promocodes.You will receive an email with a coupon code which you can activate by clicking https://csgetto.app/exchanger after buyind.

The cost of the promocode counts as 1 point = 1 cents at the current rate plus fees of the payment service.

Privacy Policy

We do not store any data about users, except Steam login and Trade links. Your avatar and nickname on Steam are available to all users of the service.

Every time you upload the skins to csgetto's internal inventory, you agree to site's terms of use.

Rules for streamers

  • No links during streaming to third-party projects.
  • No third-party projects on stream in any form (playing them, tabs, etc).




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